Your pill bottle just got smarter!

✓ Never forget about your medicines again.
✓ Monitor if your loved ones are complying with their doctor's prescription.


With our patented* SmartBottles, you'll never forget to take your medicines again!
Each SmartBottle has a visual and audible alarm, that activates at the appropriate time, according to your prescription.

* Utility Patent pending


  • Monitoring Service

    See in real-time if your loved ones have taken their medication, and receive a notification if something goes wrong.

  • Simple Setup

    You just need to select the active ingredient and assign alarm times according to your prescription.

  • Multi-Platform

    Our app runs in both Android and iOS, smartphones and tablets.

  • Snooze Function

    If you forgot your medicines, you can snooze the alarm and the SmartBottles will ring once you get close to them.

  • Medical Interactions

    If you're taking medicines that have adverse interactions, our app will alert you and suggest that you contact your physician.

Our Team

  • Diogo Ortega

    Multilingual Developer
    Full-Stack Manager

  • Sofia S. Almeida

    PR ∧ Marketing Expert
    Strategist by Nature

  • Luís Castro

    iOS & JS Ninja

  • Joana Vieira

    Product Design
    Hardware Expert
    Tech Enthusiast

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